Box Studio LLC. is a sustainable business designed around creating an economy of peace. We make art for a living and employ over a hundred people directly and indirectly through the sale of our artwork.  Each sale benefits a vast network of galleries, art consultants, foundries, fabricators, shippers, employees and more.

Located just 12 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico on State Hwy 14, our stunning 35 acre property is set within an historic landscape distinguished by rock formations, spring fed wetlands and scenic vistas.  The property was master planned by the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in 2007 to become a world class destination.  The plan has led to restoration of the original Turquoise Trail, an ancient trade route that crosses through the property as well as rehabilitating a natural artesian spring and riparian wetland.  An impressive architectural museum with facilities was designed to be accessible from Hwy 14, a National Scenic Byway and was built as a home/studio by Kevin and Jennifer Box in 2012.  Their family business creates manages, finishes and distributes  artwork to 14 galleries and exhibitions around the world.  The building is all electric, powered by 9.8 kw of solar panels on the roof.  A geothermal ground source heat pump regulates the temperature of the building year round.  Other sustainable features such as 100% waste water recycling, passive solar design, low maintenance and recycled building materials all combine to create incredibly efficient architecture that house the activities of today and tomorrow.

Recently the Riparian wetland was restored in collaboration with a State Fish and Wildlife Grant.  The majority of non-native trees were removed and mulched back over the wetland, engineered drainage repair and rock work was installed for erosion control and over 60 native and historically important trees and shrubs were planted in the philosophy of an edible forest for future generations.  This area will someday be further established, labeled and made accessible as a botanical garden extension of the existing sculpture gardens on the property.

Box Studio LLC. believes in Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.  We use recycled metal in the majority of our casting process and all of our work is 100% recyclable.  We recycle and re-use everything we can in our process to reduce our impact on the environment and are proud to produce less than one barrel of trash per week of combined home and studio trash.  A percentage of our company profits are donated every year along with artwork to further raise money and awareness for causes we are passionate for.   We consider ourselves aspiring philanthropists and give at the level we can financially as well as with our time.  We mentor personally and professionally each year and hold open apprenticeships on a rotating basis for entrepreneurs interested in becoming professional artists.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding apprenticeships, employment or donations.  We are grateful for what we have been able to create as American artists.  Thank you for your interest and support of our unfolding creativity!