Painted Ponies x 3

Painted Ponies x 3

by Kevin Box, Te Jui Fu

Powder-coated cast aluminum

Lg Pony: 66" x 77" x 24" Sm Pony: 40" x 48" x 13"


This is the first collaboration between Kevin Box and Chinese origami artist, Te Jui Fu. The ponies display the colorful papers that are often used in origami, as well as another Japanese paper-folding technique called “kirigami,” which means “cutting paper.” Here, scissors are used to make four cuts in the paper square to more easily achieve the details of the pony’s legs and ears. The symbol on the back of the large pony is a collaborative signature. The Chinese character of Te Jui’s last name, Fu, means “teacher,” and the box that encloses the character represents Kevin’s last name.

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