by Kevin Box, Beth Johnson

Patinated, powder-coated & painted cast bronze, stainless steel & aluminum on steel

90"x 80"x 40"


Throughout history, the longest, most perilous overland journeys have been undertaken by caravan. Across deserts and
other endless barren landscapes where bandits, thirst, starvation, or treacherous footing made survival the paramount goal people traveled together. They moved slowly but steadily over the miles in lines of camels, horse drawn wagons, or oxen yoked carts. In successful caravans, travelers contributed their talents and gifts some scouted the route, others set up camp, minded the children, cooked, searched for water, or gathered wood for the fire.

Nature teaches that collaboration can be an effective means. In Box’s Caravan, three creatures of distinct diversity are working selflessly together to reach their destination. Slow, strong, and persevering, the tortoise generously carries the load of the others on his back. The rabbit could get there more quickly on her own but instead holds the branch that holds the carrot symbol of the encouragement and nourishment, both spiritual and physical, that they all need. The crane, rather than flying away, reconnoiters and always returns.