Painted Ponies x 4

Painted Ponies, Pony, Sculpture, Kevin Box, Origami Horse

Painted Ponies x 4

by Kevin Box, Te Jui Fu

Powder-coated cast aluminum

Large: 66" x 77" x 24" Small: 40" x 48" x 13"


“Painted Ponies” consist of the large, monumental “Pony” and the small, “Dancing Pony.” They come in limited editions in five colors and also cast stainless steel.

This is the first colorful collaboration between Box and an origami artist. They used a technique called Kirigami, which means to cut. The Chinese symbol on the backside of the larger pony is a collaborative signature. Ti Jui’s last name Fu, translates as teacher or tutor and the box that surrounds it symbolizes Kevin’s last name.

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